Detritus: 2010​-​2016

by Ulaan Markhor

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Odds n’ sods collection of tracks written between 2010 and 2016. Compiled, re-worked, recorded, etc. Nov. 2015-Jan. 2016 at Worstward Studios, Los Angeles.

“Life on the Ground”: Trying to salvage parts...two different songs edited together, take the best bits and see what you get…a brief field recording of my son’s elementary school helped bridge the gap.

“Oso Varoun Ta Sidera”: This is a traditional song from Crete and it seems to me that this song is covered by just about everybody, maybe sort of like the “Morning Dew” or “Hey Joe” of Greece? I don't know, maybe not, but there sure are a lot of covers of this song floating around out there. This take is based on a version by the great Psarantonis.

“Property!”: This song is really just one riff with things piling up on top as the song continues on. I do this a lot…lazy songwriting is what that is.

“The Trembling Sea”: Not much to say about this song except that the guitar on the right is maybe getting a little too funky for my taste. Seemed like a good idea at the time. I was hoping to make it sound a bit like mid-70’s Bowie or something, or maybe as if one guy in the band wished he were in the Pop Group regardless of what everyone else in the group was doing.

“The Walking Maze”: Another one with just one riff throughout. There’s some clanking percussion in the background that’s kind of nice.

“Beyond is Also Here”: The main riff here is very close to a Lungfish song. Once I realized that, I even went back and finally tracked down the original song on their record and checked it out. It’s different enough that no one’s going to get sued, but still, let’s just say it’s an homage. Subconsciously, I was probably trying to rip them off and just didn’t do it well enough. I love Lungfish--it was bound to happen at some point anyway. The drum machine used on most of these tracks was also sort of a nod to Zomes (Asa from Lungfish’s other excellent project) so there you go.

“Spring”: The intro reminds me of Harmonia so I guess that’s one thing going for it. Oh yeah, the guitar solo sort of fell apart half way through and so it was just lopped off…more lazy songwriting/musicianship.

“In Threes”: The main part of this track was originally recorded for the second Ulaan Markhor record and was in the running all the way up until I had to send it off to be mastered and then I abruptly pulled it from the record. Something about the mix wasn’t right and I don’t think it really fit on that record anyway. Since then I’ve fixed a few things and tacked on the handheld tape intro which does feature a brief riff from “The Nocturnal in Daylight”, a song that did make it onto the second Ulaan Markhor record.

“Olive”: The main riff from this song also appears as a piano piece on an Ulaan Passerine 7” which will be released soon. I had totally forgotten that I even recorded that piano version until I heard the test pressing a couple weeks ago. Also, the middle part of this song--that quick chord change before the end roll out--is a straight rip-off of the chord progression from Richard Thompson’s “Calvary Cross”...I’ll cop to that.

-Steven R. Smith, March 12, 2016


released March 13, 2016

All songs by SR Smith except: "Oso Varoun Ta Sidera" (trad. Crete).
Compiled, re-worked, recorded, etc. Nov. 2015-Jan. 2016 at Worstward Studios, Los Angeles.
Cover photo by Michelle Bailey.



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